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Las Vegas Continues to Lead March Madness Sports Betting


While many states in the US have undertaken sports betting legalization, Las Vegas is still a major player when it comes to March Madness. Thousands of individuals flock to the Las Vegas sportsbooks each year when the NCAA men's basketball tournament gets underway. 

The legalization of online sports betting in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania has made it possible for individuals to bet the NCAA tournament online. Bettors can make wagers with their mobile devices right from the comfort of home. Still, there are some bettors who like to make the pilgrimage to Las Vegas to create their brackets and make single game wagers. 

Las Vegas typically hosts watch parties for March Madness, and the local sportsbooks offer enticing promotions to bettors. The atmosphere in the city is akin to that which surrounds other major sporting events like the Super Bowl. 

The challenge in Las Vegas during March Madness can be finding a seat in one of the city's sportsbooks. Some sportsbooks like the one offered at Caesar's Palace are charging up to $1,200 for a reserved seat during the tournament. This has encouraged more bettors to stay at home and use an online sportsbook to make their bets. 

Betting sports online for real money offers many advantages over traveling to a sportsbook in Las Vegas. For starters, it is much less expensive for the bettor. There is also no need to fight the crowds of bettors that are trying to get their wagers in on a game. 

During the first week of March Madness there are no less than 48 games for bettors to choose from. The betting opportunities are endless. Players can compete in the ever-popular brackets challenges that require picking the winner of every single game. They can also make straight wagers on individual games, or take advantage of parlays to increase the chance at a profit. 

Many online sportsbooks in New Jersey and other states are also offering promotions for March Madness. These promotions can include free bracket entries, deposit bonuses, and even free bets. 

It is unlikely that sports betting online will ever completely erase the thrill of watching the March Madness games live in Las Vegas. Even so, states with legalized sports betting online are seeing an increase in new player registrations. This type of interest is good for the gambling industry as a whole.

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