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The Hard Rock Atlantic City Casino has launched their online sportsbook


The Hard Rock Atlantic City Casino recently paddled out into new territory by launching their online sportsbook. They're set to get ready for the upcoming Super Bowl. This comes at the heels of the big Super Bowl 53, and the game takes place between the Patriots and the Rams. Originally, they opened the Hard Rock Atlantic City Casino in June, and they did this without a sportsbook. 

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You can gamble on all the most essential American sports that include: 

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Unfortunately, Atlantic City missed out on the entirety of the football season, but they can still salvage what's left of the NFL season. Many people are jumping and down at the opportunity to gamble on the Super Bowl. Another exciting development comes from the upcoming NCAA tournament that will soon be approaching. 

Just in Time for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl for 2019 was scheduled for February 3, 2019. Most football fans consider this the holy grail of the Super Bowl events. This gambling market has grown exponentially every year, and in fact, the market grew to $21 million every month since July. An estimated 70 percent of this gambling happens online. In the state of New Jersey, you have eight licensed operators. Hard Rock Atlantic City has said that they have invested heavily in this, and they plan to make it huge in the coming days. 

How Did Hard Rock Get This Agreement?

You might be wondering what they had to do to launch their online sportsbook because licensing for this type of thing isn't always easy. The company has a lot of clout, and they were able to reach an agreement in this way. Hard Rock Atlantic City Casino has betting agreements with Unibet and Bet365. Through the agreement, these two companies have created plans where they will profit off the sports betting market within the state of New Jersey. 

You can also take advantage of the Hard Rock app for making your bets. They recently launched an app called PointsBet in coordination with Meadowlands Racetrack. The pair has chosen to work together so that they can accomplish more and bring further value to their customers. We can expect some big game party plans coming for the upcoming Super Bowl. It's exciting, and gambling on the game should help to make it an even more exciting time. You may find it worth the time to get on board with some old-fashioned sports betting. Sports betting profits could be defined as the sum of all the wagers on the game.

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