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Congress Hears Testimony About Sports Wagering


The Supreme Court handed sports gamblers the ruling of their dreams in a seven to two decision in May of this year. The highest court in the country ruled that states should be allowed to establish their own laws regarding wagering on sports. They struck down federal bans that had previously prohibited this behavior with the exception of a few areas of the country (such as the entire state of Nevada for example). 

Numerous states jumped into action to start to create a set of laws that would allow them the opportunity to police their own gambling activity within their borders. This is just as it was intended when it came to how the Supreme Court wanted things to play out. They sought to have a fair and level playing field for all states. 

Certain members of Congress were not so pleased with this development. In a Congress that is led by Republicans in both chambers, many were hesitant to appreciate the idea of legalized sports wagering. Some were actively opposed to the concept itself. This is when advocates stepped in to try to explain to members of Congress the importance of having legalized sports wagering and what it could mean for the country as a whole. 

The Judiciary Committee in the Senate has allowed speakers to present their case to them to help better understand the issue. The Senate does not necessarily want to undo what the Supreme Court has ruled, but some do still want this issue to be a federal one rather than a state one. 

The scary part of all of this for those who want legalized wagering is the fact that the federal government may try to regulate other forms of gambling outside of sports betting if they get the opportunity. They may come after online poker next which is already legal in Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada (with Pennsylvania soon to join). This means that anyone who enjoys their freedom to make a bet should keep a careful eye on what the federal government is trying to do. They are getting dangerously close to rewinding the progress that has been made.

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