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US Sports Bettors on Sabbatical

March 23, 2020

As far back as the mind can go, there doesn't appear to anything like what the sports world is experiencing now. Around the world, athletes, coaches, and sports fans are sitting on their proverbial benches waiting for the CoronaVirus rain to stop. Under the guise of everyone has to share in the pain, sports gamblers are left with pockets of money and nowhere to spend it.

The sports world started crumbling when Rudy Golbert and Donivan Mitchell of the NBA's Utah Jazz contracted the virus. As an immediate response, the NBA postponed all operations until further notice. Undeniably, the right decision.

Soon after, the NCAA stepped in and canceled the men's and women's March Madness basketball tournament. The cancelation of March Madness was the most significant cancelation of a sports event since the Olympics were shut down in 1940 and 1944 as nations took to another battlefield. Undeniably, the right decisions. BTW: there's a real possibility this year's Japan Olympics will experience a similar fate. The Olympics could be shut down again because of war, though this World War is against a microscopic virus, COVID-19.

In more recent days, major European soccer leagues, the NHL, MLB, and the PGA golf schedule have also been put on hold until further notice. Ditto for other college sports, boxing, MMA, eSports and every other sport being played throughout the world. There is no sports sanctuary. US sports bettors are officially on sabbatical.

The cancelation of March Madness and all of the other aforementioned leagues and events have brought significant pain to host communities, players, coaches, fans, stadium workers, and sports bettors.

Admittedly, the pain of which we speak pales in comparison to the pain being experienced by the unfortunate people whose lives are being directly affected by the virus. People are getting sick and people are dying. People are losing their jobs and suffering irreparable economic damage. There is pain every, enough for the whole planet to share.

Still, there are doctors and scientists out there fighting the good fight. Collectively, the world will win this battle like it has won so many battles that came before it.

At some point in the future, some leagues will resume while others decide to stay closed until next season. Cable TV will be humming with sports events and sports gamblers will be back on the internet doing what they do best. While this is a certainty, none of it will ever be the same and for once, the heroes won't be athletes.

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