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DraftKings Intends To Open Sportsbook In West Virginia


Legal sports wagering is gaining quite the foothold in the United States in recent years. It has gone from being something that was seen by many of shadowy and unseemly to being something that many people are enjoying casually or professionally on occasion. The latest state to join in on some more of the fun is none other than West Virginia. 

West Virginia already has horse racing as part of its culture. This makes other forms of gambling a lot easier to embrace. That is why daily fantasy sports giant DraftKings decided that they would step into the market in West Virginia and partner with a horse racing track to open up sports wagering options. 

Per the new gambling laws and regulations in West Virginia, DraftKings was able to partner with Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races to offer legal sports wagers via its mobile app. Users of the DraftKing app for daily fantasy sports in West Virginia won't even need to upgrade or re-install the app in order to experience the new offerings. They can just hop on over to the sports wagering portion of the app to begin to place their bets. 

There are a lot of exciting features in this offering in West Virginia. Players will have the ability to make in=game wagers as the action is happening. They also have the chance to bet on virtually all of the major sporting events that happen in the United States as well as some of the more minor sports as well. DraftKings even says that some international sporting events will be carried on their app as well. If you happen to be an expert on some kind of international sport you could do quite well for yourself by wagering. 

There is a lot to be said for more companies now pushing for more states to open up their laws regarding gambling following the Supreme Court ruling that this is how the law would work in the United States. There is no longer this national ban on the practice, and that is making a lot more companies feel a lot better about trying to get their share of the pie that is going to be available. 

West Virginia is a politically pretty conservative state, but they are going forward with this anyway. That may spell good things for other states going forward and for DraftKing's prospects in those other states.

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