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10/11/2019 The Debut of Online Sports Betting for Indiana
Indiana has become the latest in a long line of US states that have moved to legalize online sports betting. The Hoosier State saw its first sports betting providers go online in October 2019. Sports betting "... Read more

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10/07/2019 Online Sports Betting Goes Live in Indiana
With a lot of information starting to leak out of the Illinois legislature related to legalized sports gambling and a host of other gambling topics, neighboring Indiana continues its march towards becoming th"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
09/27/2019 Mobile Gambling to Debut in Indiana
While Indiana is often considered to be a bedrock of conservatism, the state and its legislators have been quick to embrace the idea of opening up gambling channels for its residents. In July of this year"... Read more

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09/13/2019 Churchill Downs Inc. Moves Into Sports Betting Arena
With retail sports betting opportunities opening up all over the US, Churchill Downs Inc. has made the decision to jump in and participate at the highest levels possible. From the company's headquarters in Lo"... Read more

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08/19/2019 Indiana Moves Forward with Sports Betting
Indiana residents will soon have to opportunity to bet on sporting events with online sportsbooks. Lawmakers in the state approved online gambling last May, and the first sports betting sites are expected to "... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
05/14/2019 It's Official - Indiana Governor Sign Sports Gambling Bill
It was a grind, a lot of give and take, but finally, Indiana residents will soon be able to legally wager on sports. On Wednesday, May 8, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed House Bill 1015 into law. Availability will o"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
04/15/2019 Indiana's Gambling Bill Passed The Senate
It's official. Residents living in the state of Indiana will now be able to legally wager on sports through registered sports books and online sites. With the lifting by the US Supreme Court of the federa"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
02/13/2019 Indiana Set to Consider New Gambling Legislation
Indiana has become the latest state in the US to debate sports betting legislation. State lawmakers will consider a bill that would extend the current gambling operations in the state while also providing acc"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
01/16/2015 Indiana's lawmaker introduces bills for Daily Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting
The US state of Indiana is considering a new bill for daily fantasy sports and sports bets. The two bills have been introduced by Indiana's legislator, State Representative Alan Morrison. One of the bills "... Read more

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