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Mobile Gambling to Debut in Indiana


While Indiana is often considered to be a bedrock of conservatism, the state and its legislators have been quick to embrace the idea of opening up gambling channels for its residents.

In July of this year, a bill was passed to legalized sports betting for Indiana residents. As part of the bill, mobile gambling was also put into the mix. Starting on September 1st, a number of bookmakers were set to begin accepting sports wagers and in fact did so. The launch of sports betting came in time to reap the full benefit of the start of the NCAA and NFL football seasons, as well as the end of the MLB season, going into the playoffs and the World Series.

This week, it was announced that French Lick Casino and its betting partner Rush Street Interactive were ready to start offering mobile sports wagering options on October 3. This is great new for sports bettors throughout the state who don't live in close proximity to a local casino operator that's licensed to provide sports betting options. The only caveat is the new mobile gambling law still requires bettors to make their deposits and withdrawals in person.

Sports bettor can expect the state's mobile sports betting sites to offer many of the same betting options, limits and bonus promotions. Bettors must be 21-years of age and provide proof of age documentation prior to the opening of an account. The state's gambling operators will be using geo-fencing technology to ensure that all wagers are being placed from within the state’s borders.

What This Means for the Future of Online Casino Gambling

With the seal finally opened to allow online gambling, it should be nothing more than a matter of time before Indiana's land-based casino operators start pushing for legislation that will allow Indiana residents to play games of chance through their mobile devices.

To date, mobile casino gambling has provided the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada with a significant boost in gambling related tax revenues. This is not likely an opportunity the Indiana state legislature is going to let go by. At this time, most of the adjacent states surrounding Indiana are slow-walking gambling legislation of any kind. This is an opportunity for the state to be a real gambling leader in the region.

One thing is for sure, a lot of eyes will be placed on the results coming from Indiana's gambling operators over the next few months.

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