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Google Will Soon Allow Online Gambling Ads in the US


In a move that few saw coming, Internet giant Google is throwing its considerable weight behind legalized online gambling in the US. A longstanding ban on online casino ads will be removed by Google in early 2020.

This news is reflective of the progress made toward online gambling legislation in America. It has been mostly illegal for US residents to play casino games or bet sports online. The federal government moved last year to allow states to make their own decisions on the issue.

Those who monitor such developments believe that Google's decision to allow online gambling ads will boost revenues for online casinos and sportsbooks. This could be a big help to an industry that is trying hard to get a foothold in the US.

The rollback of online gambling ad restrictions started with Google permitting ads from online sportsbooks and fantasy sports providers. This has worked well for all parties involved. Google gains revenue and the betting providers gain exposure.

Google ads for online gambling in the US will only be served to residents in states where gambling games and sports betting are legal. This includes Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvsnia, and West Virginia. Many other states are currently considering legalized online gambling and sports betting.

Those operators who wish to advertise with Google will be required to prove their certifications and licensing by state gaming commissions.

The presence of online gaming ads in the US has the potential to expose more people to online casinos. Even though it has become legal in numerous states, many people remain unaware of their state's stance. It has been common for those people to bet with offshore online casinos.

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