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02/13/2019 Kentucky Moves to Legalize Online Poker and Sports Betting
A US state with a long history of gambling opposition has taken steps to legalize online poker and sports betting. Legislators in Kentucky have introduced HB 175. The bill would make it legal for Kentucky res"... Read more

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12/04/2018 The First Online Poker Legalization Opportunity Of 2019?
We are not quite done with 2018 just yet, but online poker advocates are already looking forward to the new year. They are primarily concerned with trying to figure out which states may be in play for poker l"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
02/17/2017 WatchandWager Enters the Stretch in Kentucky
The online horse racing industry has a new player in town, that's towns all over the Bluegrass state of Kentucky. The "WatchandWager" online horse racing site has finally announced it is "open for business" t"... Read more

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12/27/2015 Amaya will appeal Kentucky penalty
The number 1 online poker provider, Amaya, is being forced to deal with Kentucky's law. The company is now facing the penalty that Kentucky has brought up once again, a consequence from the Black Friday "... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
02/16/2015 Kentucky receives bill to ban Internet cafes from offering sweepstakes games
Republican Senator Mike Wilson does not seem to like what is going on inside of the Internet Cafes. The senator has started a fight against Java Cafes, but only against those that offer some sort of onli"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
12/29/2014 Kentucky receives anti online gambling bill from its State Senator
KY State Senator Mike Wilson does not seem to be very happy with the idea of legalizing the online gambling market although, this time, the State Senator seems to have different reasons to propose an onlin"... Read more

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