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PokerStars Makes Moves That Appeal To Amateur Players

July 17, 2018

PokerStars is making moves to change the way in which their poker tables are set up. They are altering things in order to try to draw in more amateur players. Keep in mind that this is pretty important as the better players are not as interested in playing on poker sites that have catered exclusively to professional players. Any good player makes their money off of the weaker players. Thus, they want to make sure that this type of player is bountiful on any site that they play on. Fortunately for them, PokerStars is making that happen. 

The main ways that PokerStars have done this is to offer the "Seat Me" function as well as limited the amount of multi-tabling that a player can do. Seat Me puts a player at a table at random anywhere that there is an open seat. This flies in the face of what a professional player would do as they would rather seat themselves next to a weak player. It is something that amateur players like though because it gets them into the game that much faster. 

Limiting multi-tabling means that the same professional players are not going to be crowding around at all of the games. This is something that discourages amateur players from playing at all. Therefore, PokerStars wants to make sure that this kind of activity is very limited. 

PokerStars has limited the number of tables that a player can join up at to six. This is because the site has determined that the vast majority of its players play at between one and six tables. There is only a tiny percentage of players who bother to get into the games at more than six tables at once. 

There are other moves that PokerStars has taken to revamp its rewards program in order to take away some of the rewards that players get for reaching the very highest levels of the game. They are taking away some of those rewards in order to make sure the professionals are not being too well rewarded for their play. It is all about keeping it interesting for amateur players.



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