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Online Gambling Legal in Florida in 2019?


When it comes to live poker offerings, Florida stands out as one of the most energetic and fun states to play in. You have poker rooms across the state that offer you plenty of live action. Unfortunately, the realm of the online casino looks a little less attractive. In fact, no effort has been made to legalize online poker since 2012 when the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States tried to open the state to online gambling, but the bill got fogged out in the ensuing complications.

A New Movement Coming Forward

In 2019, the Seminoles have been in talks about online gaming as part of a compact. They have expressed a desire to legalize online casino games and online poker. Unfortunately, Governor Rick Scott canceled these plans. When we look at the history of Governor Rick Scott, the last time that he signed a bill was in late 2015, and he helped to extend the bill over into 2018. That bill will end May 31, 2019, which is why the Seminoles are pushing for new compacts. 

Heated Negotiations

At times, the negotiations have gotten fierce and rife with conflict, but the Seminoles have slowly been in talks that would make them nearly the exclusive provider of online gaming in the Peninsula State. They will be granted this in exchange for making payments to the state. Even in the past, that amount has never been a little sum of cash, and in fact, it reached as high as $350 million every year. 

The conflict in the negotiations come from two different points. First, it comes from the Seminoles wanting exclusive rights to gambling in the state, and other operators have had a lot of arguments against this. Second, the fight has come from restrictions on the players who play at the casinos. However, they have already resolved this matter through lawsuits in the court system.

In some ways, the Seminoles have tried to monopolize the online gambling arena in the Sunshine State so that people can only gamble through them. It has been a froth-mouthed battle as the Seminoles took the state of Florida to court, and Florida countersued. During one ruling, they're in favor of the Seminoles, and during the next ruling, they're in favor of the state. Most likely, we will see online gambling become legal in the state of Florida at some point in 2019, no matter what the ruling.

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