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Chris Ferguson Releases Public Apology About Full Tilt


There has been a lot of controversy and drama related to Full Tilt Poker and the way in which it got shut down along with so many other poker websites on what became known as Black Friday on April 20, 2011. The difference was that while some other poker sites found ways to adapt to the new online poker landscape. 

Full Tilt did something that you should never do when you are a poker website. That is that they did not separate player account's money from their general operating money. In other words, they were using accounting tricks that did not keep player's money safe. When the U.S. government came after them, the site declared bankruptcy and also revealed that it did not have all of the funds to pay out player accounts. Executives had been paid in the millions of dollars to run the site. That money had to come out of the accounts of players. 

Obviously, there were a lot of players who were massively upset by the fact that their money was not kept safe during this whole ordeal. They had put their trust in the executives and others to keep their funds safe when they put their money with them. Most other poker sites had made the wise choice to keep the funds separate. For whatever reason Full Tilt had not made that choice, and they paid for it dearly in terms of their reputation. 

Finally, all these years later, Chris Ferguson has finally issued an apology for what has happened. It is about time because he was one of the people who was indicted for crimes that occurred during the Black Friday period. He settled with the U.S. government at the time to the tune of millions of dollars, but that has not stopped him from receiving a lot of criticism from all sides for not being upfront and honest with the players right from the beginning. Had he just done that he might have been able to avoid a lot of the criticism that he has received. At least on this day he has finally done the right thing and issued an apology.

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