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No Online Gambling in Michigan?


As state after state is the US contemplates the legalization of sports betting and online gambling, there's sure to be a few surprises along the way. One of those surprises just happened in Michigan. 

After months and months of negotiations, the Michigan legislature (Senate and Congress) was finally able to put a bill that would have legalized online gambling on Governor Rick Snyder's desk before adjourning for holidays. 

With just a few days remaining before Governor Snyder would be stepping down from his position after losing the November election to Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, he was presented with hundreds of bills to be signed. The bills came from a GOP controlled Congress that wanted to push through important legislation before the changing of the guard. 

Among those bills was a bill that would have legalized online gambling for residents in the state of Michigan. The bill had been the subject of much controversy because of the ongoing dispute between tribal casinos and commercial casinos about gaming revenues and resources. Under Snyder's recommendation, the two parties worked out the appropriate compromises and finally got the bill done. 

In what has to be a devastating blow to Michigan residents who are itching to be able to gamble online legally, Snyder vetoed the bill. Worst yet, he vetoed the bill without giving a viable reason why. Needless to say, a majority of the House and Senate were upset by this transgression. 

Without an understanding of exactly why the bill was vetoed, the House and Senate now face the prospects of putting together another bill that might get past the new Governor. For what it's worth, Whitmer in on record as opposing any legislation that would permit residents to play online casino games or bet on sports online

At this point, there's no way to predict when a new bill will make it to the Senate floor and the Governor's desk. Unfortunately, some state lawmakers are concerned that any attempts to try again will not bare fruit. For residents, only time will tell when something will come together that will allow them to do what residents in other states are already doing, gambling online.

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