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What states will legalize online gambling in 2020?

January 9, 2020

You might be wondering what states will legalize online gambling in 2020, and you have a couple of different states that have a high likelihood of legalizing it in the coming year. Some of the states with the most potential for legalizing online gambling include Illinois, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Louisiana and New Hampshire.

The Reasons for This Prediction

A few different reasons exist for why people believe that online gambling laws in these states might change with the coming year. First, some of these states expressed an anxiousness to legalize sports betting. While some of the states only had an interest in legalizing sports betting, you had other states will to extend this even beyond sports betting. The legalization could get extended to casino games and poker. Because of this, you could see other states willing to imitate the success of other states. One of the great advantages of allowing for online gambling comes from the fact that the government can tax it and create a new form of revenue.

What Will We See in 2020?

With 2020 here, we can try to figure out what will happen in the coming year. You have a few different possibilities, but we will likely continue to see a trend of legalization among the states. In 2019, you had two other states that joined the online gaming market, and we will most likely see the same in 2020. The internet gaming revenue in Pennsylvania and New Jersey have both shined as a beacon of reason for legalizing online gaming. More states will most likely follow the trend.

Michigan and West Virginia have already begun drawing up a framework and system for issuing licenses to the different casinos. This could have a domino effect where other states see the effectiveness in it and choose to take part in it as well.

Online poker fans continue to hope that their state will legalize online gaming. They remain hopeful for these new developments. New York could be a big one that we see legalize online gaming in 2020. Part of this comes from how they have had issues with their land-based casinos, and they may want to provide online gambling as a way of competing with the neighboring state New Jersey. In general, lawmakers have also shown a tendency for supporting the legalization of online poker. That's good news for anyone who loves playing poker.

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