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PartyPoker's Fraud Team Proving Effective

April 12, 2019

Unlike other online gambling options, online poker posses some risk of cheating by participants. With so much money on the line, cheaters are always going to look for ways to gain unfair advantages.

The detection of cheating has become a real cat and mouse game between the poker site security and detection departments and players who seemingly don't have the confidence or skill to play online poker straight up without having to cheat. 

Online poker players are susceptible to several forms of cheating with "team collusion" and the use of poker playing "bots" being the most prominent forms. With both reputation and revenues on the line, online poker playing sites like PokerStars and PartyPoker invest a lot of money on site security. 

In 2017, PartyPoker's customers were being fleeced by a collusion ring of players. The problem was eventually reported to site security by a victim who noticed odd betting behaviors among several players at the same table. An investigation led to the culprits, who were eventually banned from playing. As a result of the cheating scandal, PartyPoker put together a Poker Fraud Team which consists of former poker professionals who have the necessary knowledge and expertise to investigate suspicious activity. 

The new team has already paid big dividends. In the four-month period between Dec. 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, the team was able to identify 277 Bot accounts, which were closed immediately. In addition to closing the accounts, PartyPoker issued refunds to victims in the amount of $734,852.15. For future reference, Bots are run by software programs that presumably have a distinct advantage over human players.

According to PartyPoker representative Patrick Leonard, “Two years ago it wouldn't have been possible, but after seeing the security department first hand, the team working there and the tools they are using, I’m very confident now that they can tackle people trying to play against the rules. In my opinion it isn't worth somebody trying to bend the rules because, in the words of Liam Neeson: ‘They will find you, they will catch you and they will... ban you!’"

For anyone out there in cyber-land who wants to gamble online, there's a need for you to be diligent at all times. Reputable online gambling sites will not tolerate cheating of any kind by any one. If you see what you believe is suspicious activity, you should immediately contact the website's customer service department and report said activities.



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