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Online Poker Is Still Missing In Pennsylvania

July 26, 2019

Online poker has been technically legal in the state of Pennsylvania for almost two years now, but there is still not an active online poker community in that state. In fact, there are currently no providers of legal online poker in Pennsylvania. It seems that no company is yet ready to dive in.

The suggestion has been made that the online poker providers were simply not ready for the launch in Pennsylvania, but many observers wonder how this could be the case given that several of those same providers have launched in other states with no problems. Many times the operators have had even less time to prepare for the launch in other states compared to the time frame they have been given in Pennsylvania. That leaves quite the mystery.

There have been two online casinos that have opened up in Pennsylvania since that type of gambling was legalized, but neither is offering online poker at the moment. Industry publications that follow this kind of thing have been monitoring the progress of online poker but don't have many answers as to why it is not yet available. It is frustrating many would-be players to say the least.

The providers themselves have been short on detail and long on vague answers and hopeful rhetoric. That is something that makes some people hesitant that they should even be joining in with the legalized online poker community at all. If they are not able to count on the providers to give them a straight answer about when legal play begins how can they trust that they will be able to trust the nature of the games themselves when they do finally become available?

This particular state has had a lot of heated contests between the online casinos that want to begin operations there and the state's lottery system which has also offered at least some of their scratch-off style games online. That has resulted in some bad blood between the state lottery and the online casino operators. This could be part of the reason for a delay in online poker availability in the state.

Poker players in Pennsylvania who are able to make it over to the Delaware state border can get in on the action that way, but it is quite the burden to have to do that just to play the game that they love and the game that is now legal in their own state. For now, that is just where things stand.


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