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Michigan Is Taking Another Stab At Online Poker

March 13, 2019

The states are coming to their senses one at a time and allowing for online poker to finally be available to their residents. It is sad that it has taken as long as it has to reach this point, but we should at least be thankful that they are finally getting there. Michigan is the latest state that is giving proponents of online gambling a lot of hope. 

The state known in previous years for its auto industry is trying to re-invent itself. Years of decline in manufacturing have left the state without as many resources as it once had. Allowing for online gambling may be one way to raise some much needed cash for the state treasury. 

The legislature in Michigan attempting to approve an online gambling bill last year only to see it fall flat on its face when it was vetoed by Republican Governor Snyder. It wasn't so much a lack of will to get it done, but rather a re-stacking of priorities that pushed this bill to the back burner. The good news for fans of online poker is that the fight in Michigan is far from done. The state is going to give it another try in this legislative session. 

The state has a new Democratic Governor now who seems much more open to signing into law the bill that would allow for online poker legalization in Michigan. It is expected that the legislation will be identical to the bill that had been vetoed by the previous Governor. The other expectation that we have right now for this legislation is that it could come up before the legislature as soon as this month. 

The bill intends to create a brand new regulatory framework to make it easier for the state to manage the affairs of the business of online gambling. Basically, the state wants to make sure that it has a firm grip on what is going on with online gambling within the state. Every state that has legalized online poker up to this point has included plenty of regulatory language in the bills in order to ensure that the games are kept on the up and up. Players appreciate this because it allows them to play in games that they know are fair. The state appreciates it because they can tax those poker games and earn money for the state treasury to use as it sees fit. Everyone wins, and Michigan is moving closer to becoming yet another state to do exactly that.


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