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Las Vegas Is Seeing A Slump In The Amount Of Profits From Gambling Wins

September 29, 2018

Regulators in the state of Nevada claim that the only reason why gambling winnings for the major casinos on the Las Vegas strip are down is because of a lack of major events. In a city where there is literally always something going on, the month of August can be a little bit slow. That is what the regulators are wanting to believe at least. 

There is other evidence that suggests that some states opening up legal online poker rooms within their borders is keep some players away from Las Vegas entirely. While there is a certain appeal to the party atmosphere that is Las Vegas, there are plenty of people who are just as comfortable playing gambling games from the comfort of their own home. They may well have the opportunity to do exactly that if their state happens to be one that has opened up legal online poker. 

Those who are banking on strong results in Las Vegas are not giving up all hope just yet. They are saying that they expect that the results that they are seeing today are more of a short-term thing that is to be expected, and they say that they expect the profits in Las Vegas to rebound. 

The city is used to the ups and downs that come with running a gambling business. There are some stretches of time in which players just happen to win a little more or a little less than what they used to. Those ware the times when profits can move up or down pretty dramatically. This may end up being just another one of those types of blips. 

Poker does not necessarily count for a huge amount of the take that casinos bring in anyway. They are definitely more interested in having as many people as possible play games like slots or table games where the player has to compete against the House. The House is always going to win no matter what game you play in the long run, but the casinos would prefer that you pump your money into some of their highest profit margin games.


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