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DerbyJackpot - Legal website in the U.S.

Horse Betting License in USA

Website authorized in USA DerbyJackpot is U.S. based and licensed

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DerbyJackpot - Legal website in the U.S.

DerbyJackpot is licensed through the State of Oregon

DerbyJackpot - Legal website in the U.S.

Derby Jackpot is the new concept for online wagering that has been brought to us by the state of Oregon, as affiliate of Xpressbet, LLC and Ebet Technologies Inc; the site has been licensed and regulated by the Oregon Racing Commission. Horseracing bets are the only online method of gamble that has no issues with the federal gambling legislation of the United States so it is legal in any of the US states that has regulated its own online gambling industry. Derby Jackpot offers us all kind of games based on real odds from more than 50 live horseracing tracks across the United States. The following states are not authorized to allow Derby Jackpot to offer real money games: Alaska, Arizona, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

Derby Jackpot is the only one that offers fabulous games all based on real live horse races, like Monkey Bet, The Granny, The Dime Bet, The Gonzo and The Fiddy, a series of social games that introduces real money bets on live horseracing tracks. Derby Jackpot also provides its users with all kind of news and stories from the world of horseracing. The site is also one of the safest online wagering rooms in the country with lots of options for users. Among the methods of payments, we could make deposits by debit/credit cards VISA, MasterCard and Dwolla, as well as electronic bank transfers and checks. The minimum amount for any deposit is $10; deposits made with credit cards will be subject to a $5 transaction fee. Depending on the state we live in, we will have different limitations with the deposits: if eBet is the provider in our state, credit card deposits are limited to $1,000 per day, $3,000 per rolling seven days and $5,000 per 30 days. In those states where Xpressbet takes care of the payments with credit cards, new customers are only allowed to make deposits of $500 per rolling seven days. Withdrawals must be done through the site,, or by calling the office (Business Office). We can also submit a Withdrawal Request Form to the Business Office, either by mail or by fax. Users will receive their withdrawals by check or through Dwolla.

Horse Betting DerbyJackpot

Horse betting offered on DerbyJackpot

DerbyJackpot is easier to win than the lottery. DerbyJackpot games are all based on live US horse races. Players pick real horses by name, color, or odds. Bet as little as 10 cents and you could win over $10,000!

States Information from DerbyJackpot

Restricted to consumer signups approved and validated from the following approved states:
Ohio, Massachusetts, Florida, Indiana, California, Alabama, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maine, Colorado, Arkansas, Michigan, Washington, Delaware, Illinois, North Dakota, Iowa, Oregon, Maryland, Wisconsin, Vermont, Louisiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Montana, Wyoming, Virginia, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Kansas, South Dakota, New Mexico, and Idaho.

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