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BetAmerica NBA Pick Six Jackpot: Pick the best of the best to win!


Currently in its second week of action, the 2014-15 NBA season is ramping up for another thrill ride filled with exciting performances by its players. With the NBA Pick Six Jackpot promotion, seeks to see who can spot the best of the best for the league's Wednesday games throughout the season.

The promotion and its components are identical to the website’s NFL jackpot, and has a set prize pool with an additional jackpot bonus.

The NBA Pick Six Jackpot works this way:

  • There is an entrance fee of $5.50, with the contest running virtually every Wednesday during the course of the NBA campaign.
  • The contestant must pick six NBA players from a list that contains 20 of the best players in the league, and can only choose one from each of six designated tiers: small forward, two separate power forward categories, two separate point guard categories and a flex player that has a mix of guards, forwards and a center.
  • If the each of the six players a contestant selects are the top scorers within their specific tier, that contestant has a perfect lineup.
  • If that perfect lineup is the only one in the contest, the contestant will win the jackpot bonus.
Currently, after two Wednesday's worth of action, the total prize pool is at $400, with first prize at $96. The bonus prize is $800 and will have $200 increments each week until a winner is able to make six correct selections for a single week.

In addition to the Jackpot, also hosts a number of different daily NBA contests with the BetAmerica Sports lobby.

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