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Legalized Daily Fantasy Sports Could Be Coming To Florida


The Sunshine State is the very latest to exam how they handle Daily Fantasy Sports. These of course are popular contests in which players select a roster of players from the various teams competing that day. They do this in order to earn fantasy points and become victorious over the others in the same competition. 

The issue for some with Daily Fantasy Sports is that it feels like little more than gambling. However, those who play the game can tell you that this is simply not the case. While there is an element of chance to the fun, it is not solely something done for the sake of taking a gamble. Rather, the game features the ability to show off a lot of skill if a player is serious about playing. 

Florida joins a number of other states that are currently considering legislation which would legalize Daily Fantasy Sports. The specific legislation would exclude Daily Fantasy Sports from other legislation already in existence which bans gambling in the state. It has long been a grey area though if fantasy sports should be included in the definition of gambling. On a Federal level it has long been excluded from gambling legislation, but some states have argued that Daily Fantasy was never something that they could have envisioned. 

Some states have already moved forward to legalize and regulate Daily Fantasy sports and take it out of that legal grey area. Even in the Southern state of Tennessee it has been made to be regulated and legalized. Players in that state no longer have to worry about their government shutting down their access to Daily Fantasy Sports or the funds that they have deposited into the sites. 

It is critically important that players have confidence in the games that they are playing on the Daily Fantasy sites. They need to know that they can play without the threat of it all being swept away from them. At the same time, the state benefits from tax dollars collected and added to the state treasury from the players in that state. It is a winning scenario for everyone. 

While the House of Representatives in the State of Florida has taken up the measure, there is not yet an accompanying bill from the State Senate.

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