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HRTV becomes TVG2


Bet Fair has new plans for HRTV, the network for horse sport events. After acquiring the horse races broadcasting channel from Stronach Group on February of this year, the online betting company has decided to rebrand HRTV. This acquirement of HRTV allowed Bet Fair’s subsidiary TVG to take charge of the horse sport broadcast. TVG obtained the rights to broadcast the different horse races events in the country. Now both, HRTV and TVG, will be part of Bet Fair’s television network for all of the horse sport events in the United States. In order for Bet Fair to be able to provide the horse race television broadcast service, TVG will rebrand HRTV as TVG2. The main site will be also going through changes, and will no longer be in service. The new website for any of the US horse sport events will be

TVG believes that this deal is going to “better leverage its television production infrastructure to provide improved horse racing television products to consumers and television distributors alike.” Kip Levin, chief executive of TVG stated: “We’ve made good progress in integrating the two television productions, and integrating the brands was the logical next step in the process to optimize television coverage for horseracing. Our goals have always been to provide a better fan experience, increase our appeal to distributors, and drive revenue to the industry. Importantly, having TVG and TVG2 allows us to better utilize TVG’s state-of-the-art television facilities to deliver a premium product for both networks. We look forward to continuing to work with our important track and distribution partners to deliver more races and higher quality broadcasts to racing fans like never before.”

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