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12/12/2018 Massachusetts Treasurer Pining for Online Lottery Ticket Sales
In 2016, the Massachusetts Senate approved an amendment allowing residents to purchase lottery tickets online. However, the measure was never taken up by the House and it and went to the bill graveyard. B"... Read more

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09/05/2018 Massachusetts Gets First Poker Room: Could Online Poker Be The Next Hurdle They Cross?
Buzz in the poker community has started up again as Massachusetts opens it first land-based poker room. The MGM Springfield has opened up the poker room as part of its casino establishment. It is a twenty-thr"... Read more

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01/26/2018 Massachusetts Reverses Course, May Legalized Gambling
Government studies and other reports out of Massachusetts in recent years had gambling rights activists concerned that the state was not making any progress towards actually legalizing online gambling within "... Read more

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01/16/2017 Massachusetts Looking To Legalize Online Gambling
Online gambling has been a source of contention in a variety of states. The issue stems from a battle between those who disagree with gambling and those who see it as a boon to the treasuries of various state"... Read more

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11/04/2015 Massachusetts gambling regulator reviewing daily fantasy sports activities
Massachusetts gambling regulator seems to be interested on daily fantasy sports activities. The regulator wants to know if the daily fantasy sports providers are operating within the law. The reason why "... Read more

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05/26/2014 Online Poker in Massachusetts could be legal soon
The US state of Massachusetts, one of the nation's founders, is now considering opening the state's doors to the online poker industry, but only, to those online poker rooms that can comply with Massachuse"... Read more

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