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10/14/2019 Legal Sports Betting - Are You Watching Illinois?
In recent articles, the state of Illinois was challenged to move forward and open access to retail and online sports betting for its residents. The challenges came as neighboring Indiana joined 14 other state"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
08/14/2019 Illinois Sports Betting Still Under Debate
Illinois seemed primed to become the latest US state to approve online sports betting in 2019. The approval of online gambling platforms is only a small part of a massive gambling initiative in Illinois that "... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
06/06/2019 Illinois Senate Passes Sports Betting Legislation - On to Governor
After months of hard work and a number of amendments, the Illinois Senate finally came to agreement with the House and passed SB 600 by a vote of 46-10. SB 600 legalizes sports gambling in the state of Illino"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
02/26/2019 Illinois Governor Supports Legalized Sports Gambling
It's no secret that the state of Illinois is dealing with substantial financial deficits. More and more, the nation is seeing state legislators look towards legalized gambling as a possible source of revenues"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
10/22/2018 Illinois Is Probably Getting Online Poker In 2019
The state of Illinois is the most likely to be the next to join the four others that have legalized online poker. However, citizens of that state will very likely have to wait until at least 2019 before they "... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
08/06/2018 Illinois May Still Move Towards Poker Legalization In 2018
There is not a lot of time left in 2018 for various states to make their moves towards poker legalization, but some are more likely to do so than others. Illinois is one state where we could indeed see some m"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
11/18/2017 Illinois Wavers On Online Poker, Says No For Now
Illinois has been a state that has been a little under the radar of poker advocates to some extent. It has not necessarily been the most promising candidate for the next state to make a move towards legalizat"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
06/05/2017 Illinois Could Legalize Online Gambling
Online gambling has been an issue that has been controversial for some time. There are some who argue against it on moral grounds. Others are concerned with business interests and are either for it or against"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
12/27/2015 DraftKings and FanDuel suing Illinois AG
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is facing the daily fantasy sports operators rage after the two big ones of the market filed a lawsuit to prevent the sabotage against the fantasy sports industry. "... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
03/18/2014 Class action complaint filed against PokerStars' parent company dimissed in Illinois
Class action complaint filed by Kelly Sonnenberg against PokerStars' parent company Rational Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (REEL) has been dismissed by Chief Judge David R. Herndon of the United States Dis"... Read more

Legal Gambling USA
02/03/2014 Illinois: lawmakers extend online betting law
Illinois lawmakers approved an 11th-hour extension to an online betting law last week that will allow horse racing tracks to keep their racing schedules intact this year. The Illinois Senate voted 47-4 "... Read more

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