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$15K Sunday at - Nevada

on 01/27/2019 at 18:00 EST

If you are in the state of Nevada and are looking for a great tournament to take part in every week, then the $15K Sunday at should to one of the first one your list. Since online poker is not legal in most states, you must be in the state of Nevada to participate. The tournament will start promptly at 3 PM PST every Sunday afternoon, but you will be able to register late for the tournament for up to an hour. Registration for the tournament begins four hours before the tournament, and there are a maximum of 8,000 players allowed in the tournament.

The buy-in for the tournament will be $200 + $15. Everyone at the table begins the tournament with 5,000 chips, and the levels will increase every 15 minutes. While the final payout structure of the tournament will ultimately be determined based on how many players enter, the tournament is guaranteed to pay out at least $15 thousand each week. Anyone finishing in the top 15 percent of the $15K Sunday at will win money. If just 100 people enter the tournament, then the winner is going to walk away with $5,700. in Nevada, click here

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