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World Series of Poker Main Event: Gaining Entry To The Big Show


The World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas is a huge deal each and every year. Although the tournament started out as a relatively small and unheard of thing, it is now a nationally televised event each and every year. The fans are really into it, and the players have a lot on the line when they sit down at that table.

To even have a chance to play in this event, a player must come up with $10,000 as an entry fee. It goes without saying that most players do not have that kind of money just lying around. Although there are a number of professional poker players who enter each year without trouble paying the fee, thousands of amateurs also get in on the event along with a few celebrities.

In order to do this one must either bundle money together from backers willing to make an investment in their success, or they have to find a satellite tournament to win their way in. A satellite tournament is a smaller tournament in which the players put forward less money, but have a chance to take down enough funds to get themselves to the big show.

A recent one of these satellite tournaments happened on Party Poker NJ. It was a nine person tournament in which each player put forward $1,000 as an entry fee while the site itself forwarded the other $1,000 into the pool to make it an even $10,000 to the winner. It was a truly winner take all contest in which the top finisher got the $10,000, enough to get entered into the Main Event.

It is always interesting to see a player who paid a lot less to get into a tournament can still get in and potentially win millions of dollars. Bare in mind that the top prize last year was an even $10 million to first place at the Main Event. Surely the winners of satellite tournaments are already dreaming of that big score.

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