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Three Poker-Friendly States Finally Get Connected


A major issue for legal online poker in the United States is that it has been taken up in such a piecemeal way. States have individually had to decide that they wanted to have legal poker available to them. When one state opens up its doors wide to legal poker it does not mean that all of the other states do as well. In fact, tight regulations have made it only possible to play the games while within the borders of a legal state. This seriously hinders the ability of poker sites to provide games that have enough liquidity to them. 

There is a new and exciting development in legal online poker in the United States. That is that three states where the game is legal online have joined forces to allow their players to play against one another and therefore provide a larger player pool and more liquidity to the games. Those states are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. 

WSOP poker is the site that has first decided to take on the challenge of merging states in a poker pact as it were. They have gone ahead and launched the platform from which players from all three of those states may compete against one another. To the credit of, they have done this fairly well given that this is completely new and uncharted territory as it were. There are some hiccups along the way of course, but the vast majority of players are excited about the opportunities and possibilities. 

Players need to be able to have a wide selection of the poker games that they would like to get themselves involved in. The chance to pick one's opponent is critical to being a profitable player in the long run. If you are picking your games well, then there should be no problem finding the kinds of players that you can best when given the opportunity. Think about the kind of things that matter to you when it comes to your poker playing experience and trying your best to gravitate to the websites that offer those kind of options for you. This is great news out of WSOP, but many more are likely to follow suit.

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