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States To Watch For Poker Legalization


There are a handful of states to keep an eye on when it comes to poker legalization in the next few years. Since New Jersey, Nevada, and others have legalized online poker, many states have begun to review the issue themselves. A lot of those states view online poker legalization as an easy way to raise much needed tax revenue. So many states have major holes in their budgets, and this is a way that they can start to repair that. 


The state of Michigan once faced a tough uphill battle to get to poker legalization, but it now appears to be a top candidate to do just that. The major obstacle that the state faced was that it had to deal with the Native American tribes that call Michigan home. They objected to the way that the bill was structured, but State Senators appear to have worked out those issues at this point. It looks like Michigan could be the next state to legalize online poker. 


This state actually did bring up poker legalization legislation in 2017, but the bill was tabled for the moment. That being said, it can be brought up as soon as the next legislative session beings. That session is set to begin in January, so it is possible that we could be talking about this in Illinois as early as next month. 

West Virginia 

This state could show lawmakers across the country that poker legalization is popular in both liberal and conservative states. The legislation was stalled in the state for a while, but those pushing for it have found support from the state's lottery commissioner. They have also managed to gain major support from other big players in the state that will help them as they move forward on this one. 

The racetracks that already exist within the state are hoping to partner up with lawmakers to bring online poker into the fold with their business. That could be a big part of the decision as to how this one goes for the citizens of West Virginia.

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