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States That Are Long Shots To Legalize Online Poker


There are some states which seem poised and eager to legalize online poker, and then there are the states where it seems incredibly unlikely. It is pretty easy to categorize any state that has strong Republican influence as long down the list of possible states to legalize it. At the same time, there are a number of "blue" (Democratic-leaning) states that also have a long road ahead of them before legalization could ever become a reality. 


There is no legal gambling of any kind on the entire island state of Hawaii. Even though the state has a strong Democratic majority in both the State House of Representatives and the State Senate, there is still a lot of opposition to passing legalized online poker there. Many members remain opposed to bringing legalized gambling to the island at all, so this state is considered to be a long way from getting it. 


It is not that the state of Massachusetts is particularly hard-nose set against online poker, it is more that they have turned their attention to issues such as setting up a regulatory set of laws for daily fantasy sports instead. Lawmakers are spending more of their time focused on that issue than they are on legalized poker, so that could pose a risk of not getting online poker in Massachusetts for a while. A resolution was introduced in the state to legalize it in 2017, but that has been tabled for the time being. 


Maryland has things like casinos within its borders. They also have the state lottery of course. Given those two factors, Maryland has been slow to pick up on the online poker trend. Legislators there are starting to look at how neighboring states like Pennsylvania are doing with their legalized online poker and may give it a second thought in the future. Don't necessarily count this state out just yet, simply put them in a category of "long-shot" for the time being. 

Any one of these states could surprise us all and legalize poker after all. Additionally, the Supreme Court could take up the issue for the entire country at some point. Unless that happens though, consider these states to be on the back burner for getting legalized online poker into their borders.

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