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PokerStars To Bring About Moneymaker Poker Tour


Those who don't know Chris Moneymaker are clearly not close followers of the poker world in general. He was the Tennessee man who made real the dreams of every small time poker player. For a cost of just $86 he managed to win himself tickets to compete in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas fifteen years ago. The tickets for a seat to this tournament typically cost ten-thousand dollars per person. However, Moneymaker was able to win his way in with just the eighty-six dollars that he used to play his way in. When it was all said and done, Moneymaker ended up winning the whole tournament and the $2.5 million jackpot that year. That was quite the fairy tale ending. 

PokerStars is now using the fifteenth anniversary of this incredible feat to start up a poker tour that is inspired by the man himself. Moneymaker is an ambassador for PokerStars and has licensed his name to be used for this tournament. It is slated to begin in January in the Bahamas. However, the real action for this tournament gets started a lot earlier than that. 

There are plenty of play-in tournaments that players may decide to join up in that are taking place from August through October in various cities throughout the United States. The buy-in for the majority of these tournaments of course is the symbolic $86 that Moneymaker himself paid to get into the World Series of Poker all those years ago. It is a throwback to his accomplishment and a way of giving a nod to his incredible performance all those years ago. 

When Moneymaker pulled off the win that he did in the World Series of Poker in 2003 he helped to bring in the so-called "poker boom". This was when millions of people were first introduced to the game of poker in both the in-person and online formats. It means that a lot more tournaments became available and that everyone wanted to be the next Moneymaker. This latest tournament by PokerStars is just a continuation of that spirit all these years later.

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