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Poker Player's Alliance Is Not Paying Its Staff


The financial situation over at the Poker Player's Alliance has grown dire. It has been the leading advocacy organization when it comes to legalizing online poker in the United States. However, the organization is having trouble even paying its own staff at the moment. 

It is kind of surprising in a way that the Poker Player's Alliance would be having trouble at a time like this. This is a time when online poker is being legalized in certain states within the country. It does seem that the mission of the organization is finally starting to come into reality. However, that may actually be part of the problem for the PPA. 

The fans of this organization are simply not giving donations to it like they used to. There are also many members who have not been paying their dues. Those are dues that help keep the Poker Player's Alliance operating well. Now that people are starting to see the fruit of all of this labor, it seems that they are starting to abandon the organization in a lot of ways. They are turning their backs on the very organization that helped to get them to this point in the first place. 

Sponsors such as Pokerstars have withdrawn their support from the organization, and now the Poker Player's Alliance is looking for any way that it can stay around and relevant. One of the things that they have decided may be worth their time is to advocate for online sports wagering as well. They feel that this could work because they did a survey of poker players to learn that around ninety percent of those surveyed said that they also bet on sports at least some of the time. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that the Poker Player's Alliance may benefit from fighting for online sports gambling as well. 

It is hard to imagine that the Poker Player's Alliance could some day disappear entirely from the poker world. It is possible though. The continued loss of members and other sponsors could very well cause the Poker Player's Alliance to end up folding.

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