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Poker Alliance Rises From The Ashes


There was once an organization called the Poker Players Alliance. This alliance of like-minded players was interested in advocating for their interests in playing poker over the Internet. They banded together to come up with innovative ways to challenge anti-gambling laws and to simply advocate for their pet issue. However, that organization lost a lot of steam and credibility over time as people seemed to just passively not care about the issue as much. The organization was floundering and not doing a whole lot in the way of advocacy. It also complained of funding issues. 

The organization is now called simply "Poker Alliance" and has many of the same goals as the Poker Players Alliance before it. The main difference is that they have more institutional backing and funding now. This could help them get up off the ground and make something of their group and their mission. Some expect that this is going to be a major turning point for the organization and that said organization could indeed rise from the ashes of the previous Poker Players Alliance to actually create real results that matter. 

There is new leadership at the top of the organization as Rich Muny has become the executive director of the organization filling the void that had been left when John Pappas stepped down from the role in February. Both men are expected to continue to play a role in the new organization. This means that they can both rely on their individual sets of unique knowledge to hopefully bring the organization to new heights that it might not otherwise have reached. It is important that they are willing to do this because it means that they may be able to push the organization into a brighter future going forward. 

Obviously, there is still a lot of things to be settled out before we know just how effective this group can be. That being said, poker players are now getting pretty excited that they have their group back and functioning in major ways. They want to see this continue into the future so that they are able to enjoy poker once again.

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