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Online Poker Continues To Struggle In Delaware


It is hard to get a lot of people excited for the prospect of online poker when it is a game that seems to be in decline almost everywhere that you look. The reality is that online poker may have already had its moment in the sunlight. 

As of right now, four states have legalized online poker. Those are Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, and just recently Pennsylvania. Nevada does not report on gambling revenue numbers on a quarterly basis like all of the others do, but New Jersey and now Delaware have both reported declines in the amount of revenue generated by online poker. 

For the fourth quarter of 2017, Delaware reported that it had a rake and fees from online poker amounting to $51,874. That is down from $75,014 during the same time period in 2016. However, there are some positive signs on the horizon for those who want to hear some good news about the world of online poker. 

Fear not, it is not all gloom and doom. New Jersey signed on to an agreement with Nevada and Delaware to share poker player liquidity. Basically, this means that all three states can pool their players together in a shared poker network to allow for a larger number of players to be involved in the game. This makes for larger tournaments, and for larger cash games as well. 

Pennsylvania is also expected to join in the agreement before too long and thus have their players join in the fun as well. If that does happen, then there will be a significant player pool from which to generate revenues. That is important to the continuation and development of these types of programs. 

There are other states that may join in the legalized online poker world in the near future as well. Currently, all eyes are on New York and Michigan to be the next two to join in. Assuming that they come aboard and join the other states in sharing players, this could make for a very large pool of players and plenty of liquidity to go around. That may be just what is called for to get the kind of growth that the poker industry craves.

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