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There is a new variation of poker available at Pokerstars that is intended to make the game more entertaining and exciting for players. It is just the latest trick up the sleeve of this poker website as it tries to win back as many of its customers as it possibly can. The point of this is to try to draw in those who were upset by the legal status of online poker in the past. 

Pokerstars has put out a new version of the game called Unfold poker. It is nice because it is not that complicated to learn, and yet it adds an element that has basically been missing from the game up to this point. Thus, the company can rightfully say that they are doing everything that they possibly can to try to restore faith in their platform and in the game of poker itself. 

The Unfold version works in much the same way that the regular game works except that all players post an ante before the hand begins that goes into the Unfold pot. An important note is that the table must have at least four players on it in order for this style of poker to be allowed. 

If a player regrets their decision to fold before the flop was dealt, they may choose to reactivate their hand post flop in order to compete the hand. However, those who choose to do so are not competing for the main pot in the game. They are only competing for the unfold pot that has been building up. They must still have the very best hand at the table for their wager to pay off, but they can absolutely do this if they have a strong feeling about the hand that they are holding. 

Some may scoff at this as just an odd variation on a game that has already been losing some of its support. However, Pokerstars sees it as the very best way to try to bring in a larger portion of players from the general public. It does seem like at least an interesting concept to try out.

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