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New Jersey has announced they will enter a new agreement with Delaware and Nevada


New Jersey has announced they will enter a new agreement with Delaware and Nevada. What does the deal entail? The patrons of internet gaming from New Jersey can play against the players from the other two states. Why will this lead to a positive outcome? First, the players from across state lines can share in the player pools, which will lead to bigger jackpots for everyone. Also, it will blow up the size of the poker offerings among the players. 

The Struggle to Position Itself

Online gambling has remained a hit in New Jersey since they first legalized it back in 2013. The state has, in fact, surpassed the $100 million mark in tax revenue in 2017. In the online casino world, an upward trend has continually led to better and better findings. Nevertheless, a challenge in getting its footing has remained. Despite the positive advancement among the three states, it remains unseen how regulators from the states will share the player pools. 

New Jersey Online Poker Gets Some Good News

Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, made the announced that Nevada and Delaware had all come to an agreement. New Jersey plays a key role in this because they have helped to pioneer the legalization of online gambling. Since its late launch in 2013, it has remained a rolling success. With the pooling of player pools from the three states, it will add to the annual revenue growth, and at the same time, it will make online gambling more lucrative so that more gamers want to come play. Christie made a statement, "This agreements marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for online gaming, and we look forward to working with our partners in Nevada and Delaware with this endeavor."

Here are some of the things the deal with New Jersey will do:

  • Increase the size of progressive jackpots
  • Pool the money at online poker tables

What's the actual timeline for this sharing of player pools among the states? At this point, no one has agreed on a definite answer, but it could be days, weeks or even months down the road.

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