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New Hampshire Nixes Legalization Of Online Poker


If the actions of its neighbors were to be taken as a sign of what New Hampshire might do, then one could easily have expected New Hampshire to legalize online poker for its citizens. However, that is not at all what happened. Rather, the state went in the other direction. 

Online Poker Bill Killed Without A Vote

The frustrating thing for online poker fans is that their state legislature would not give them the opportunity to even vote on legalization of the game. There was a bill that was introduced to the state legislature, but that bill was killed before there was ever even an up or down vote on it. This came just days after Pennsylvania had decided to legalize poker. 

Missing The Opportunity For Two Wins In A Row

New Hampshire is not considered the most fertile ground for legalized poker. It does not have any gambling Mecca so to speak, and it is not as though there are any high-profile poker names from the state. Still, advocates were hoping that they could generate two wins on legalization in the same year. That could have helped move the ball forward on getting the game going in other places as well. 

The obstacle in most states has come from the Republican Party for the most part. This is why poker advocates were excited to see that three Republican lawmakers were behind the proposed bill this year. As it turns out, they introduced it all the way back in January. No action was taken on it until recently, but it was decided at this point that it was dead in the water. 

Coming Back In 2018?

Observers of these types of things believe there is a good chance that New Hampshire may bring back their online poker legalization legislation in 2018. The state has already legalized the online sale of lottery tickets, and it is assumed that this is a good sign that legalization of other forms of gambling online may be just around the corner. Given this, don't be surprised if next year we are back to talking about possible legalization in New Hampshire.

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