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Nevada Poker Players Win A Bad Beat Jackpot


There was a case before the Nevada Gaming Commission that had a lot of people interested in the outcome. It involved players who played at the local Las Vegas casinos known as the "Station" casinos. These are casinos that cater mostly to local players, but don't let that fool you into thinking they don't have sizable jackpots. In fact, just the opposite is true. They have plenty of jackpots, and some lucky players were able to win one in the poker room recently. 

The jackpot that was awarded had to do with a so-called "Bad beat" hand in which two players have incredibly good poker hands, but one ultimately beats out the other. This triggers the jackpot to be paid out. The hand requirement is something along the lines of a straight flush beating a lesser straight flush (or in some casinos even a full house). It is an incredibly rare hand to see come up. Thus, the casino awards players who hit this kind of hand a jackpot. 

Recently, the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas did not want to pay out the players in the room who won a bad beat jackpot. They insisted that the actions of a particular player involved in the hand gave away some information that influenced the play of others in the hand. Basically, the casino was trying to wiggle out of paying off the jackpot on a technicality. 

All of the players in the room were furious with this stance as they all stood to gain some money from the events that transpired. Those players will not have to remain angry for long as the Nevada Gaming Commission has in fact ruled in their favor. 

The two players involved in the hand directly had the most to gain. Sixty-thousand dollars was to be paid out to one and thirty-thousand dollars to the other. Everyone else in the room at the time split another thirty-thousand dollars. The players won the argument this time, and the casino will pay out the money that it should have in the first place. It is a little unfortunate that the Gaming Commission had to get involved in this at all. However, at least now there is a precedent that has been set for the future.

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