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Massachusetts Gets First Poker Room: Could Online Poker Be The Next Hurdle They Cross?


Buzz in the poker community has started up again as Massachusetts opens it first land-based poker room. The MGM Springfield has opened up the poker room as part of its casino establishment. It is a twenty-three table poker room that will play host to a lot of Massachusetts residents who have been more than eager to try their hand at playing the most challenging gambling card game available to them. 

The state is also looking at the possibility of opening up online poker rooms within their borders. However, they have been awaiting the results of a study on online poker and how much they could potentially expect to net in tax revenue from having it available. While the results of that study are expected to be favorable for those who want online poker in Massachusetts, there is some doubt that it is going to happen in 2018. 

The reason for the delay would appear to be because there are mid-term elections coming up in November, and members do not necessarily want to take up potentially controversial legislation before voters go to the polls. That being said, observers are optimistic that 2019 could finally be the year that Massachusetts legalizes online poker. It is expected that they would sign up for the interstate pact with other legal online poker states to build up player pools and poker offerings. 

Poker fans in Massachusetts are so excited about their potential to play the game that they love so much. They recognize that this could help lead them towards a future in which they are able to enjoy online poker from the comfort of their own homes without interference from the government. It has been a long time coming for the people of Massachusetts, but with four other states already on board at this point, it seems that many more are bound to join in shortly. 

Having a brick and mortar poker room in your state is a big way to attract the idea of having legal online poker shortly thereafter. We could very well see that coming to Massachusetts in the very near future.

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