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Cryptocurrencies Coming To Online Poker?


The cryptocurrency craze may be finally ready to reach into the realms of online poker. It just so happens that one poker website by the name of EvenBet is looking to make this happen. Their vision for how this would work is to allow players to easily deposit or withdraw funds from their website via currencies such as Bitcoin. 

The CEO for EvenBet has stated that he believes that cryptocurrency only online poker rooms are the future of the game. He feels that this is where things are headed since so many poker rooms are currently not able to accept certain credit cards and other forms of payment over their system. Regulations have gotten in the way of what many of these sites want to do, and that has made cryptocurrency an appealing alternative. 

Banking regulations in the United States forbid financial institutions from dealing in transactions that they know are being used for online gambling. The government has long had an issue with online gambling, and this is the way that they have decided to take it out on poker players. Fortunately, the websites have fought back and have decided that cryptocurrencies may be the route for them. This would circumvent the banking issue, and that could lead to greater accessible of the games to the players who want to participate. 

One thing that is definitely an upside for online poker sites getting involved with cryptocurrencies is the fact that these currencies cannot be traced. This means that those who might not want it to be known that they are playing online poker for one reason or another do not have to worry about it. It is important to note that more players deciding to take a chance on online poker means more money in the pile in a sense as many more players leads to extra rooms being created, and ultimately it could lead to more money in the tournaments and the like. 

This is something that we all knew was going to happen, but to have it more concretely written in stone via the work that EvenBet is doing is very exciting to say the least.

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