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Connecticut Will Not Advance Poker Bill During Special Session


It seems that there is not much of an appetite for a pro-online poker bill coming out of the Connecticut special session for the Senate this year. It looks like those in the state government are simply not willing to move forward on something that most people agree should be a legal activity in the state. 

It is a bit odd that the state government has taken this stance given that they have already approved laws in the state that allow for residents to play online daily fantasy sports for example. There are also legal horse races happening all the time in Connecticut. Despite this, they have dragged their feet when it comes to legalizing online poker. 

The Connecticut state legislature wrapped up their business for the year at the end of the last session. The only exception would be if they were to bring something up during a special session. If there is to be a special session at all, the Senators have already made it clear that they will not be bringing in poker legislation into the mix. They are just going to let this go for the time being. This means that it will be at least 2019 before Connecticut decides to take a look at legalizing online poker in all likelihood. 

Other states are quickly moving forward with plans to legalize online poker within their own borders. They are taking advantage of the tax dollars that are to be had in those states. They do not fear allowing their residents to play the games that they obviously want to play. In fact, they are moving forward with it because they know that it benefits those residents as well as the state coffers as a result of the tax money. 

While many states that have already legalized online poker are starting to expand out to allow for interstate play between the different areas where it is legal, Connecticut remains stuck in the mud on this legislation. All that anyone who is pro-poker can do is hope that the state legislature gets its act together sooner rather than later.

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