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Bad Beat Jackpot Hangs In Limbo


There is a lot of debate and discussion at the moment about a potential bad beat jackpot that may or may not be distributed as planned. The Nevada Gaming Commission has to issue a final decision on this particular issue. 

The bad beat jackpot is something that is sometimes distributed by both online and land-based casinos. They are a way for someone who has just been beaten in the worst possible ways in poker get some kind of reward for their troubles. However, there is a lot of controversy about a bad beat jackpot that was rewarded at a Station casino in Las Vegas back on July 7th of last year. 

The controversy started almost immediately. The two players who were involved in the hand both had straight flushes, but one had a better straight flush than the other. This would trigger the bad beat jackpot, and everyone in the poker room at the time would be rewarded with a bonus. At the time, the jackpot was approximately $120,000. This means that the loser of the hand would have cashed in for $60,000, the winner of the hand $30,000, and the remainder of the people in the poker room at the time would have split up all of the rest of the pot. 

This is permitted by the Nevada Gaming Commission, but the casino almost immediately wanted to challenge their requirement to distribute the funds. They said that one of the players revealed his hand before all of the cards were finished being dealt. They claim that this is equal to communicating with another player. Other players in the room disagree and say that it would not have changed the outcome in any way. They also say that the hand was played out to completion at the time, so there should be no issue with the jackpot being paid out. 

The Gaming Commission will have to consider what their action will be in this case. They may decide either way, and that will be the the final judgement. The two players involved in the hand have the most at stake, but approximately eighty players total have a stake in this.

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