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888 Poker Gets Geared Up For Big New Jersey Poker Tournament


People in the state of New Jersey are already benefitting from their state having legalized online poker. A few operators are already available for them to play on, and one of those sites has announced its plans for a big New Jersey Poker Classic 2018 for this new year. 

The set of tournaments is going to be huge, comprising 57 tournaments in total. The main event is even going to have a $100,000 top prize. This is one of the biggest grand prizes that has ever come across in the New Jersey poker scene since the state legalized the game for their residents. 

Anyone who has not already signed up for 888 Poker is in for a real treat while this set of tournaments is running. Just by registering as a new player, they get two free tickets to freeroll poker tournaments, and they also receive a twenty dollar bonus to use in the poker room. There will also be some free spins to win more free tickets as the tournaments progress. 

Don't worry if you have not yet entered into the tournaments. They are running from January 21st, 2018 to February 21st, 2018. There are plenty of tournaments for all kinds of different players, and the big main event ones are not until towards the end of this period of time. In other words, things are just getting kicked off now, so there is still a bounty of time for you to get in. 

888 Poker runs these kind of tournaments from time to time. They are the best known for it in the legal US poker markets. You can guarantee that they will have some kind of promotion running almost any time you log on to their site to play. This just happens to be a particularly great time to get in on the action. 

Given that New Jersey is so new to the world of legalized poker in general, it is nice to see companies willing to have such excellent promotions for their players to enjoy. Free money and free entries from 888 Poker mean that you already start ahead of the game before a single hand is dealt.

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