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World Fantasy Football Championship: $6,500,000 to the crowned champions!


Looking for huge cash prizes this fantasy football season? Everyone can enter for the chance to win big, but only two who enter will become the ultimate final fantasy football champions. In fact, for the two championships, Fanduel plans to give away $6,500,000 to the crowned champions. Mark the day on calendar. It all goes down on December 10th, which will be one of the biggest events in fantasy football in a long time. We will crown one of the champions in Los Angeles while the other player wins after he enters the WFFC Live Final. 

Competing to Win $2,500,000 in LA

If you follow fantasy football, you have grown to love it, and you will only love it more at the chance to win big. Along with the $2,500,000, you also get pampered on a romantic trip for two at the Terranea Resort. Because only 75 spots have been left open, the competition remains some of the fiercest in fantasy football history. For those who win, they leave with as much as $500,000 in their bank account and a luxurious and refreshing vacation they will never forget. 

Getting into the Live Final

When you qualify in the Live Final, this hands you automatic entry with what's known as the Fan Championship. With $4,000,000 up for grabs, the competition for the prize pool looks fierce. Not everyone will be eligible for what's known as Live Final, but everyone who enters will have an opportunity for the Championship. In this spot, you will compete with 18,000 open spots, and the qualifiers exist at 30 cents, which hands you plenty of opportunity. 

The WFFC promotion from FanDuel hands you the chance to win big, but you don't necessarily have to be among the elite few to enjoy the cash. In fact, FanDuel plans to pay out to more than 3,400 contestants who enter the Fan Championship. While they do suggest you go big or go home, competing still hands you a wonderful opportunity to get something even if you don't make it to the finals. Bottom line is this is a golden opportunity you don't want to miss!

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