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Sports Gambling Case To Be Decided By The Highest Court In The Land


The Supreme Court of the United States is going to hear a case about the right of states to allow sports gambling within their own borders. The court is not expected to make a decision on the matter until at least the Spring of 2018, but the ruling could be a very historic one indeed. There is a possibility that the court could rule in favor of allowing all fifty states to allow sports gambling within their borders. 

The impacts of this would be enormous for those who like to lay a wager on a Sunday afternoon game or love to watch the action of a basketball contest with a little money on the line. No matter what, it is possible that those who like to gamble even a little will soon have that opportunity no matter where they reside in the United States. 

New Jersey is the state that has brought the case up to the Supreme Court. They have long wanted to offer legalized sports betting alongside the casinos that make up Atlantic City. Up to this point, this has been prohibited within the state. However, that may soon change. 

The professional sports leagues are not all that thrilled with this proposal. In fact, they got together with the NCAA to sue Governor Chris Christie and the Board of Gaming for the State of New Jersey to try to prevent legalized gambling on sports from becoming a thing. They have their own monetary interests at stake when it comes to keep gambling out of the game. They fear that it could corrupt the games themselves, and that this could be a threat to their bottom line. 

There might be truth to the idea that the bottom line of some of the professional sports leagues could be threatened. At the same time, the Supreme court is going to be the one who gets to make the final call on all of this. There is definitely pressure on all sides when it comes to this one. Expect the decision to be controversial no matter what it is and no matter the reasoning given by the court.

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