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A Huge Fantasy Contest Where You Can Get In For Free


$5 Million Fantasy Football Millionaire

DraftKings is a leading provider of one day fantasy sports contests. They attempt to provide their players with the opportunity to win some money for their knowledge of the games while having fun all at the same time. 

One of the most exciting offerings currently going on with DraftKings is something known as the NFL $5M Fantasy Football Millionaire challenge. The M in the title really does stand for "million" as $1 million is the top prize going to the lucky soul who takes first place. 

In total there will be $5 million to be split many ways among the top winners in the contest. A lot of that money is concentrated in the top 10 spots, but there is some for those who do well but fall short of that elite status. They will be given the chance to win a smaller prize. 

As a special promotion for the beginning of the NFL season, the DraftKings site is offering a free entry into this exciting tournament for those who make their first deposit. This means that brand new players into the site get to enter for free when they put some money into the website. All others will have to pay a $3 entry fee to get in. 

There are going to be nearly 2 million entries into this tournament, so you can be sure that it will be competitive. That is the whole point when it boils down to it. The website could not function if it were giving away $5 million in a tournament without having a lot of players to build up those funds. 

The NFL season is always something that encourages all types of people to get involved and get excited about it. Those who play on DraftKings can make their picks and then sit back and watch to see how they unfold. They can gather with friends or family to enjoy the games and always monitor how they are doing on DraftKings all at the same time. 

The tournament is slated to begin during the first week of the NFL season which this year is September 11th. That means that any who want to get involved need to make their plans to do so as soon as possible.

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