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Youth Agree That Online Gambling Should Be Allowed


Surveys are now out from major and respected polling firms that suggest that the younger generations in America believe that online gambling ought to be permitted by law. They are the age group that believe most strongly that this should be the case. 

The age groups broke down something like this: 

18 to 34: 50% agree 28% disagree 
35 to 49: 52% agree 30% disagree 
50 to 64: 41% agree 43% disagree 
65 or older: 27% agree 59% disagree 

As you can see, there are sharp age divides on this issue. A lot of younger people have grown up watching their favorite poker players on television and have grown up around online gambling being something that was illegal but still all around them. They have a different idea about what it means to legalize and permit online gambling than some others do. 

Older generations often had an environment around them in which gambling of any form was not permitted. They are also more religious in general which means that they may have religious beliefs against gambling in general. The younger generations do not necessarily have the same ties to religion that their parents and grandparents do. 

Most of those who object to gambling online do so for some moral objection to gambling in general. The issue for them is not one of if gambling should be allowed online so much as should gambling be allowed at all. If they are already not in favor of gambling in general, then it is not a far leap for them to be against the practice of gambling on the Internet as well. 

All of this is a little unfortunate for millennials and other young adults who might enjoy gambling from time to time. They are the ones who would most likely benefit from the legalization of gambling over the Internet for the simple fact that they are the group most likely to actually take part in this form of gambling. Unfortunately, older generations have told them that they should not be permitted by law to engage in an activity which they find fun and entertaining. What a bummer.

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