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Tropicana Casino Offers Community Jackpot

12/22/2017 is offering all players the chance to share in slot machine jackpots. All that is required is an account at Tropicana Casino and a little bit of good luck. This promotion is ongoing and open to all residents of New Jersey who play at the Tropicana's online casino.

The promotion is called Community Jackpot. When any player hits an online slot jackpot, all players that have played within the last hour receive a share. Players don't even have to be online when the jackpot is hit to claim their portion. The size of the Community Jackpot varies according to a player's loyalty level. Gold members share $10,000. 

As an added bonus, adds up to $20,000 to the bonus pool. To participate, players need to click the special key that displays in the area above their favorite slot game. There is a chance to win instantly as well as the opportunity to share in any jackpot that is won. 

The share of the Community Jackpot received by any player is dependent upon the amount of money they have wagered in the past hour. Players that wager a larger amount of money will be rewarded with a larger share of the jackpot. has all of the most popular slot machine games. These include Secrets of the Phoenix, Cleopatra, Raging Fortunes, and 88 Fortunes. Online gambling at this casino is legal for all residents of New Jersey that are 21 years of age or older. Players can also receive a welcome bonus of $10 when they open a new account at the Tropicana.

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