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States That Need Online Gambling The Most


What is it about tax revenues from online gambling that is so hard to get lawmakers to understand? It is hard to say, but some are still very hard-headed about keeping legal gambling out of their borders. They just don't seem willing to allow adults to do an activity that they are likely to do anyway and collect revenue on it. 

Many states are hugely hypocritical on their stance on this given that they allow land-based gambling to take place within their borders while at the same time deny adults the chance to place wagers via the Internet. This may be about to change as many more state legislatures see declining revenues in their states from land-based operations and also see many other states benefiting from online gambling. 

States Where Online Gambling Is Needed Now 

One could certainly argue that online gambling is necessary in all fifty states right away, and that is a valid enough argument. However, the more realistic goal of those who advocate for online gambling is to try to tempt the state legislatures where the states are seeing declining revenues in their land-based casinos. Those are the states where the need for casino revenue is a lot more apparent. 

  • Louisiana 
  • Rhode Island
  • New Mexico
  • West Virginia
  • Illinois

These are just five of the states where this has become a real problem. Each has seen declines in land-based gambling for different reasons, but each is still holding out on allowing gambling via the Internet at this point in time. There is so much tax revenue that they could be collecting and yet they are not. 

Pressure is going to continue to be applied by supporters of legal online gambling to get these states to realize that they need to modernize and realize that we all now live in a world where online gambling is a reality of life for many Americans. They can continue to choose to ignore this and miss out on their tax dollars if they want, but it seems likely that the call for online gambling will soon be too strong.

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