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Multiple Skins Permitted In Pennsylvania Online Gambling


The State of Pennsylvania has released yet another set of regulations to clarify some of the online gambling rules that are to be followed in that state. They wanted to answer some of the questions that residents and online gamblers have come to them asking repeatedly. 

In this particular release of regulations, the Gaming Commission wanted to make it clear that licensed online casino operations in the state were allowed to have as many skins as they wished. They simply had to make it clear to players which casino they were dealing with no matter which of those skins they happened to choose to play on. 

For those who do not know, a skin is essentially just a web page that a casino chooses to operate under. They may decide to brand themselves one way or another using the various skins that they purchase online. This helps them reach a larger number of players while at the same time helps keep their look fresh and interesting. It was therefore the policy of those interested in promoting online gambling in Pennsylvania and elsewhere to promote the idea that online casinos ought to be allowed to have an unlimited number of skins. The hope then being that the casinos could reach any number of players. 

Even though online gambling was legalized in Pennsylvania all the way back in October, the issue of skins was not addressed. Then there was a big fight about it between online casinos such as 888 Poker and horse racing tracks such as Parx Racing and Penn National. The horse tracks wanted a limit of one skin per online casino. The casinos obviously wanted an unlimited number of skins. 

At the end of the day, the online casinos won this battle. There is no regulatory sense to allowing casinos to just have one skin. That was merely a battle that the horse race tracks wanted to right because it would help to protect their business interests. However, the state favored common sense on this one and will permit an unlimited number of skins so long as each one is clear about which casino it is coming from. 

This regulation is considered very minor to the online casino industry. In fact, they would happily accept this type of regulation compared to other types that have been proposed in the past. They would prefer to work on something like this rather than some of the more restrictive regulations sometimes proposed.

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