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Another State Moves Closer To Legalizing Online Gambling


Gambling over the Internet is something that has remained very murky from a legal prospective in the United States. Current laws in place suggest that banks are not allowed to process deposits for gambling websites within the country. That would effectively make it impossible to play the games online. 

Already a couple of states have changed the laws within their own borders to allow for online gambling within those states. This is possible because a computer can be identified by its ISP address to determine where that computer is geographically. Thus, one needs only to be using a computer within the borders of the state that has legalized online gambling. They do not have to be a resident of that state. 

Pennsylvania is the latest state to consider making online gambling legal. They have made a move within their state House to move forward a bill that would legalize this activity. It is noted by that the measure passed by a vote of 102 to 89. 

While this is a relatively close vote, it is a win nonetheless for those who advocate for online gambling legalization. The House also included language which would allow the state to sell its own lottery products online as well. There is even some language which would make certain types of tablet gaming legal within airports in the state. That is an interesting element as well because there are not too many states that have this kind of thing. It is a nod to the technological developments that are taking place all the time right around us. 

One more interesting thing about this Pennsylvania vote is that they are looking at allowing video gaming terminals (VGTs) as well. They want to legalize these throughout the state with some regulations on them. There would be a limit on the number of machines that a particular location can have, but that limit is pretty generous. It would be 5 machines for any location that has a liquor license and a limit of 10 for other types of locations such as horse tracks. 

These are very interesting developments in a state that likes to lead the way with new ideas. Given that, expect this state to continue to move forward on this bill.

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